Cultural, associative and sport student life

The sports department : offers over 40 sports and outdoor activities

Climbing, pelota, hiking, kayaking, yoga, dance, swimming, ski/snowboard, surfing, team sports… Students can enjoy sport for leisure, studies (as part of an initial training course) or competitively. Some professional diplomas (BNSSA for example) can be taken or studied for.

Sports men and women at high and top regional level can benefit from a “University Sporting Talent” status for the planning and organisation of their studies.

Quality sports equipment

All our campuses possess sports centres. The one in Pau is reputed for its climbing wall and overhang, which is unrivalled among European universities and hosts international-level competitions.

Sports events :

  • ZABALKI: international pelota tournament
  • IDEKI: international rugby tournament
  • UHAINA: French surfing championship
  • French university championships and team sports tournaments


Preventive medicine department

and the promotion of health, based in Pau and Bayonne

  • medical visits and vaccination updating for students,
  • consultations with a doctor, psychologist or nurse.
  • a social service to help improve the living and working conditions of students
  • preventive measures and the promotion of health


Disabilities department

  • welcomes and supports disabled students
  • is in charge of arrangements for their studies and exams

The cultural department

Proposes rich and varied programmes with concerts and live shows (theatre, dance, circus etc.)

Events are held from September to June thanks to:

  • La Centrifugeuse, in PAU, in a concert hall open to everyone,
  • Le Microscope, in BAYONNE, in various locations in the city.


Associative life

There are around 60 student associations covering

Life within the university, the environment, art, culture, science, international solidarity etc.
A directory of student associations is available on the UPPA website.

Sciences and technology culture

Proposes various events: Presentations, experiments, workshops, science cafes, themed events etc.



Thursday at last !

On Thursday afternoons (traditionally free from classes) UPPA offers free events for its students encompassing culture (cinema club, cafe-debates etc.), sport (sports tournaments etc.) and the democratic life of the university.