Carrers and Employability Service (SCUIO)

Your studies and your career prospects


The Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour is committed to supporting students throughout the various steps leading them to their professional life, and offers a number of services which are coordinated by the Employability Office (Bureau d'Aide à l'Insertion Professionnelle - BAIP

As early as the final years of secondary school, students are informed of the courses and degree programmes offered at the UPPA and given information on student life during the INFOSUP Open Day.

The admission post-bac system (first year application process) together with the Guidance and Advice Scheme for School Leavers (Orientation Active) enables prospective students to gather information and receive personalised advice during the pre-enrolment procedure.

Once they arrive at the University, new students can consult the specialised books and reviews on guidance, study pathways and degree programmes, jobs and career prospects at the resource centre of the Careers and Employability Service (SCUIO-IP).

If they wish, students can make appointments with our career advisors, in order to create and develop a personal and/or professional plan, thereby taking advantage of the personalised support we offer throughout their time at the University.

During their Bachelor's degree courses, students can choose a « Projet professionnel de l’étudiant » module (Student Career Plan) - PPE - , which helps them develop methods and skills that provide them with a sense of professional realities.

A digital tool, the Experience and Skills Portfolio - PEC - also helps students to prepare for their entry into the professional world, by enabling them to promote their assets, their experience, their skills and by teaching them how to communicate these more effectively.

The Student Statistics Office (ODE) publishes on its website the results of the employment surveys they carry out with our graduates. Employment statistics as well as a graduate career directory can be consulted for every course of study.

Work placements

- If you are a student at the UPPA : our work placement and job offers are available online on the "p-stage" page which can be accessed from the Digital Work Space (ENT), in the "informations" tab, under the heading "offres d'emplois et de stages".


- New for UPPA students: work placements in Aragon (Spain). Contact: Michel BUENO, Employability Adviser, stages-transfrontaliers @, tel.

- If you are a business: you can place work placement or job offers.